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Developing a love of reading for pleasure is a top priority for us. The mission of XCL World Academy Library aims to extend teaching and learning by providing a welcoming space for students which includes a collection of quality resources and services. We encourage students to be passionate readers, proficient researchers, critical evaluators and lifelong learners.

We recently celebrated the annual Book Week at XCL World Academy. Engaging in a school-wide event was a great way to kick off the year! Our students borrowed wonderful books, participated in a poster contest, listened to authors and illustrators share their crafts, made impressive bookmarks, decorated class doors, completed a reading passport and dressed up as their favourite book characters. Our staff members have been treating our students to regular live read-aloud sessions ‘Live from the Library’.

Developing a love of reading for pleasure is a top priority for us. Students are welcomed into the library to borrow books regularly and are strongly encouraged to choose books that interest them. We always ask for student input when ordering new books for our library. When students see the books they requested arrive, they feel empowered as a contributor to the development of the collection

We launched the first phase of the Library website this semester. Students have access to many online resources such as research databases, online reading platforms, digital literacy activities, virtual field trips, virtual maker spaces and more. During library lessons and extended workshops, we make connections with the curriculum being taught as well as focusing on the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.

Being the Teacher Librarian at XCL World Academy has given me the opportunity to work with all students from Nursery to Grade 12. I am passionate about sharing my love of reading and the importance of finding, evaluating and using information appropriately. Students from all grades know they can find books and answers at the library.

Mason Cooley said, “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”. We may not be able to travel as we did in the past, but we can learn new information and wander the world through books by visiting the library.

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