Everything You Need to Know about the International Baccalaureate Programme

You’ve probably heard of the IB programme. Do you know that it is more than just a Diploma Programme, and that it starts as early as three years of age?

Register now to find out how IB schools equip students with the necessary skills to stand out in a dynamic world, and why the IB Programme may be the right choice for your children.


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    What is the IB All About, Topics Include:

    Background history of the IB programme
    What is an IB School?
    What can you expect in an IB Continuum School
    The Primary Years Programme (PYP)
    The Middle Years Programme (MYP)
    The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)
    The IB Careers-related Programme (IBCP)
    Is the IB the right choice for your child?
    How does the IB compare to other Curricula/Systems?
    What makes IB teachers different to other teachers?

    The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers a continuum of international education through four challenging, high quality educational programmes to students aged 3 to 19.

    XCL World Academy is proud to be authorised and recognised as an IB Continuum School (often referred to as an ‘IB-through” school).

    In this exclusive paper, learn what an IB school is, what it offers children of all age groups, and why it is the curriculum of choice for more than 250,000 students in nearly 5,500 schools globally.

    IB Programme Overview

    If you are familiar with the benefits of the IB programme, you might know the incredible difference it can make to a child’s academic or university success as well as their whole outlook and approach to the world.

    If you are new to the IB programme, you will be surprised to find out that it is as much about teaching students how to learn as it is in telling them what to learn.

    A Home for Global Learners

    XCL World Academy offers a personalised and well-rounded international education comprising three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes that stretches beyond traditional academic subjects to embrace the arts, music, drama, design, innovative technologies and sport.

    Shaping Next Now

    We are a family-orientated international school in Singapore for students aged 2 to 18. At XCL World Academy, we equip children with the academic and lifelong learning skills to be agents of their own success – helping to prepare them for further education, future careers or navigating the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives.

    Interested to find out more about enrolling your child at XCL World Academy? Our team is here to answer any of your questions and get your child started on their XCL World Academy Journey.

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