Aims & Ethos

XCL World Academy was selected to embody and preserve the unique identity of the school, shaped since its foundation, whilst introducing XCL Education as a partner for the future. XCL is a gramogram of the word excel, derived from the latin word ‘celsus’ which means to rise and surpass. The words ‘World Academy’, reflect the mission and values of the school, highlighting the diverse and multicultural constitution of the community, as well as the global perspective that we seek to embed in every child’s learning. It is fully aligned with XCL Education’s ethos of preparing our students for global roles in a changing world and the careers of tomorrow.

The color, ‘XCL red’, signifies boldness, vibrancy, and passion. The brandmark is a universal gesture of victory, happiness, and exhilaration. Shaped as a ‘W’ for ‘World Academy’.

Shaping Next Now

We believe that a good education should prepare students to shape tomorrow and not merely be part of it. XCL World Academy represents XCL Education’s commitment in Asia to educating students in this way.


Aspire | Act | Grow


To empower an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact others.

Through our mission, our students are tomorrow’s changemakers.

The Foundation of Everything We Do

We believe that high-quality teaching and learning:

  • Equips students to be critical thinkers that appreciate diversity in an increasingly global world.
  • Creates personalised pathways for students to maximize their unique potential.
  • Takes place in a secure, stimulating and engaging environment.

Raising Intercultural Awareness

At XCL World Academy, we believe in raising intercultural awareness by letting students share and celebrate their unique sense of self and their cultural identities. This leads to a greater appreciation of diversity and prepares them for an increasingly global world.

Our Values

Global citizenship

We believe in diversity, equality, building communities, and taking action.

To prepare our students to be responsible and active members of global and local communities, we teach our students to respect cultural diversity and embrace equality. We promote ethical responsibility and sustainability as a foundation for lifelong growth as a global citizen.

Pursuing Excellence

We believe that excellence is a journey where one great achievement is merely a stepping stone to the next.

As excellence is built on lifelong resilience, perseverance and strength of character, we create an environment which empowers individual students to broaden their potential, continually pursuing strengths and overcoming challenges.

Growing by Learning

We believe continuous learning is the fuel for continual growth.

In order to adapt to an ever-changing world where flexibility, creativity, and mental agility are needed, our students engage in constant inquiry, leading to intellectual restlessness and eagerness to continuously learn.

Leading through Innovation

We believe the world needs more innovators.

Positively impacting society and overcoming local and global issues requires leadership and thinking which promote a sustainable future. We challenge students with problems which require bold thinking and imagining the impossible, thus leading to new ideas.

Where Next

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