XCL Camps

Level Up Your Holidays with XCL Camps

XCL Camps presents students with a collection of exciting and engaging programmes to continue their learning journey and to level up their holidays. Your child can enjoy the most exciting adventure with XCL Camps throughout the year.

At XCL Camps, we are passionate about helping children explore and enhance their passions, interests and skills. Whether your child is sporty and active or enjoys tinkering with their gadgets, there is always something for every child! Our theme camps include activities for the Athlete, Scholar, Artist, Techie and All-rounder.

The camps are designed to provide structure and routine for children in a safe and conducive learning environment.

Delivered by passionate and engaging educators, children aged 3 – 16 can participate in various exciting activities. Children are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills, make new friends and have lots of fun! Explore our camps.

Why XCL Camps?

Personalised model – Every child is unique.

The set of skills, talents and aptitudes for each child is different, and so are their learning patterns. That is why at XCL Camps, our core values are centred around providing the most nurturing experience that will help every child develop their own personalities and boost their overall growth.

We do this with our Personalised Camp Model, where we integrate 3 core approaches, for each stage of camp:

  • Information and support before the camp
  • Personalised attention during the camp
  • Consistent feedback after the camp

Best-in-class instructors

Our camps are delivered in partnership with best-in-class instructor partners that have been carefully vetted, and proven through experience working with them over time. This is done to ensure that our students have access to the most fun, engaging, and innovative camps on the island.

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