Parent Engagement

Always there for parents.
Always there for children.

You, as a parent, are your child’s first teacher. You know your child best – how they learn, how they respond to strategies, and what builds their confidence the most as they strive towards their aspirations. Parent engagement within our community is about creating a community and is also important for student learning. Therefore, creating and maintaining a close and collaborative family-oriented school community is considered to be one of the highest priorities here at XCL World Academy.

Get Involved

Families, teachers and students are the foundation of a strong and supportive community. We encourage an environment that is engaging for both parents and children, as we believe that the more you engage, the more rewarding your experience will be. A key avenue for parent involvement is the XCL World Academy Parent Engagement And Connection Committee (PEACC), the parent-run volunteer group.

We are a Family

We encourage our new families to join our XCL World Academy Parent Coffee Mornings Events and School Assemblies to meet our supportive community and find new friends.

Parent Engagement Sessions

For all parents we offer group Q&A sessions in an informal setting so that parents can get all their questions answered about our curriculum, high school pathways and university selection. We aim to proactively provide the information parents need to make future decisions for their children.


The mission of the PEACC is to foster positive relationships that develop and strengthen community spirit through effective partnerships between the school staff, students and parents. The PEACC works closely with the XCL World Academy Education Leadership team and teaching faculty to foster positive relationships between the school community, advocate for improvements to educational facilities and standards within the school and contribute to various academic events.

The PEACC organises the following community events/group:

Family Fun Day, Cultural Day Food Fair, Parent Coffee Social Mornings, Holiday Bazaar, Family Trivia Night, Fundraising Events, Charity Volunteer Work, Learning Together Workshops, Parent Engagement Workshops, Dad’s Social Group, Mum’s Social Group, etc.

Fundraising Events

Family Fun Day

Charity Volunteer Work

Learning Together Workshops

Parent Engagement Workshops

Cultural Day Food Fair

Parent Relations Executive Team

There can be a lot happening for a family relocating to a new country and joining a new school. This is why our Parent Relations Executive (PRE) team is here to support our parents. They are always willing to offer advice for settling into Singapore and help to connect with the PEACC.

Where Next

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