Roensch Family Testimonial

We’ve been living in Singapore for a year and Wyatt has been attending XCL World Academy (XWA) since October 2022. We plan to enrol our other children when they’re old enough.

XWA’s learning environment focuses on the practical application of classroom lessons as well as enriching creativity and individuality in each child. The school empowers a child’s sense of innovative discovery and individual potential; it teaches the child the impact they can have on the world in various ways. There’s also a focus on the emotional development of the children, which is equally important but often overlooked.

We’ve been impressed by the growth we’ve seen in Wyatt, both personally and intellectually. When Wyatt came home from his trial day and couldn’t stop talking about the variety of activities they had done, we knew we made the right choice.

Wyatt’s teachers are attentive, encouraging and knowledgeable. The line of communication with them is open and available – we never feel out of the loop. Checking our son’s profile on Seesaw (a digital portfolio app) is our favourite part of the day. It provides us with updates of his daily activities at school, which we get to discuss, thus creating a sense of self-pride and confidence in his accomplishments.
As XWA is an internationally inclusive school, Wyatt has had many opportunities to be exposed to cultural experiences and education that he wouldn’t be able to receive elsewhere. The school provides outstanding facilities with its state-of-the-art auditorium, swimming pool, separate play area for younger children, café and accessibility to many tools for imagination.

We would absolutely recommend XWA to other families looking to broaden their children’s view of the world, experience dedicated teaching instruction and be part of a supportive educational community.

Ariel and Bradley Roensch, Wyatt (4), Sullivan (2) and Tucker (1)

The interview was written by Expat Living Singapore

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