Dear Parents, Students & Guardians,

Welcome to XCL World Academy, and thank you for your interest in our school!

As a parent, I understand that a new chapter in your child’s life can bring a mix of emotions. Making the right decision when selecting a school for your child is a very challenging task. However, you can rely on my dedicated team and me to offer extensive support and guidance to your family throughout the process and help you make your final choice. We are always available for personal meetings and campus tours to address your questions.

The name we have selected for our school, XCL World Academy, holds profound significance. It embodies the core principles and aspirations of our organisation, focused on achieving excellence and fostering your child’s academic and personal growth. 

We believe your child shouldn’t simply be a part of the future; instead, they should actively shape it. Guided by our motto, “Shaping Next Now,” we fully embrace the responsibility of empowering students to take charge of their future and carve out their unique paths in life.

At XCL World Academy, our primary goal is to create academic and personal pathways that help students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and equip them for an ever-changing globalised world.

Our vision revolves around inspiring students to “Aspire, Act and Grow” in a cyclical progression of lifelong learning to our commitment to diversity, well-being and academic excellence.

We embody our ambitious mission of “fostering an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact others” and aim to create an environment where students are not only academically successful but also experience genuine happiness in their educational journey. We believe that by nurturing a sense of belonging and promoting diversity, we can encourage our students to become empathetic global citizens who strive to improve the world. 

Our dedicated staff, state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant community all work together to develop and deliver a personalised, innovative and high-quality curriculum to nurture tomorrow’s leaders committed to inclusivity and sustainability and equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel. 

I hope you enjoy reading through the details about our school, and I look forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you to our wonderful community. 


Tammy Murphy
XWA Head of School
XCL CEO Singapore Schools

A Little About Tammy’s Background

Over the past 38 years, Tammy has served as the Superintendent of several highly acclaimed schools;
the Dubai American Academy, the Montecito Union School District, the Ross School District, and the Assistant Superintendent in the Cherry Hill School District.

A renowned educational leader, Tammy has received numerous state and national awards for her impact as an educator and leader in the United States. She has extensive experience with the International Baccalaureate Organisation overseeing the development of several IB Programmes at the primary and secondary levels. Tammy has a proven reputation for inspiring a culture of improvement and collaboration among faculty and students. We are confident that her vision and leadership will guide our school towards continued growth and success.

Where Next

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