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As an international school with a culturally diverse student body, some XCL World Academy’s (XWA) Secondary Years student applicants may be learning English as an Additional Language. Among these students are some individuals whose language proficiency poses challenges to successfully entering the XWA mainstream Secondary Years Programme.

In recognition of this, the school offers a comprehensive Foundational English Programme (FEP) specifically designed for international students in Grades 6-9 with limited proficiency in English. The FEP aims to accelerate their learning in the core areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, equipping them to transition into mainstream classes as quickly as possible.

Ideal student-teacher ratio and level-based placements

In order to ensure optimal learning conditions, FEP classes will maintain a maximum class size of 18 students. This allows for meaningful interaction between teacher and students, as well as the provision of personalised one-to-one instruction when necessary. Students will learn alongside peers of similar proficiency levels in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This enables teachers to deliver targeted and intensive support tailored to each student’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Various subjects and extracurricular activities built into the timetable

One of the best ways to master a language is through using it. Students will actively participate in daily classes focused on the following areas:





Integrated Learning/Presenting

Elective Rotation

Culture & language integration

We recognise the importance of addressing students’ social, emotional, and physical well-being. All staff members undergo child safeguarding training to ensure a safe environment for students. Moreover, our programming extends beyond the basics by incorporating Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) into homeroom and weekly sessions.

To prevent student boredom or burnout, it is crucial to balance English language lessons, which remain the primary focus, with other non-intensive subjects such as Music, Arts, Esports, and Physical Education. These non-intensive lessons are integrated into our Elective Rotation system, which may be updated each quarter to offer new opportunities for students. By including these varied subjects, we aim to sustain higher energy and motivation throughout the entire school day while prioritising English language acquisition.

Student’s progress will be measured every step of the way

Students, as well as their parents, will be kept informed of their progress throughout the programme. At the core of the FEP lies ​​the renowned and research-based WIDA Measure of Developing English Language (WIDA MODEL) and the WIDA Framework for English Language Development Standards. Students receive intensive, targeted, and personalised support as they will be placed in their reading, listening, writing and speaking classes based on their WIDA proficiency levels:







Teachers will actively monitor their student’s progress to ensure that parents and students are continually aware of student progress towards successful matriculation into XWA’s regular programming. Students entering the FEP above the benchmark who demonstrate aptitude, motivation and dedication will be able to matriculate into XWA’s regular programming more quickly.

While the FEP encourages students to achieve this in a maximum of two semesters (about a year), the academic team is always open to supporting families of students who may need just a little more time. Each case will be considered carefully by the Senior Leadership Team, along with a dialogue with parents and guardians to decide the best course of action for each student.

1Parents and guardians should be aware that completion of 2 semesters in the FEP do not guarantee matriculation in XWA’s EAL programming or regular XWA programming.

Programme expectations

FEP students are expected to advance by one developmental WIDA proficiency level every semester. This expectation may be challenging, but it aims to expedite their transition to XWA’s mainstream classes with English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme support.

Upon completion of the FEP, placement into the appropriate grade level at XWA will be determined based on assessment results, a comprehensive evaluation of classroom performance, and the student’s academic proficiency. To ensure the achievement of curriculum outcomes, there may be instances where students are required to repeat the previous grade level to maintain continuity of learning and fulfil credit requirements.

Students who are age-appropriate for Grade 9 in FEP at the time of exiting the FEP will consult with the Secondary Years Principal on a case-by-case basis to determine whether sufficient credit has been accumulated. In situations where there is an insufficient credit count, the student may be required to restart their studies at Grade 9.

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