School Societies & Clubs

Developing a well-balanced lifestyle

We believe that all our students should be given every chance to discover subjects and activities that genuinely appeal to them, and to pursue their passions in a supportive learning environment.

House System

Encouraging Collaboration and Healthy Competition amongst Our Students

XCL World Academy’s House System encourages and fosters teamwork, participation and sportsmanship in all areas of school life. The house system is designed to strengthen and consolidate our ethos as a whole school by building team relationships and facilitating students’ opportunities to lead and represent their houses in competitive and fun activities. The sense of community within each of the houses encourages a feeling of identity and belonging.

4 Houses

Our House System was launched in 2019. It comprises four Houses and appointed House Leaders selected from the staff and student body (one teacher leader and two student leaders).

Their task is to motivate and encourage the students within their respective houses and play a full and active part in the inter-House competitions.

We encourage all of our students to play an active role in the success of their allocated House. We have created many events throughout the school year where students, in their houses, compete and are rewarded at both an individual and team level. Some of these events include; sports day, swimming gala, spelling bees, trivia day, language and culture week competition, and several challenge events during assembly and homeroom time. We have also linked our house system with the IB learner profile. Students who demonstrate any of the ten IB learner profile traits will be issued reward points that add to the end-of-year house competition.

Where Next

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