Sports Programme

Inspiring healthy minds, bodies and character

Sports at XCL World Academy is a core element in our balanced curriculum. We encourage all students to develop into confident, critically-thinking, healthy young individuals whatever their ability. With a focus on health, wellbeing and athletic excellence, we offer a range of sporting opportunities to develop sporting interests that will last a lifetime.

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Learning Outcomes

The Sports Programme at XCL World Academy provides students with opportunities for developing the fundamental characteristics of

Respect | Passion | Commitment | Excellence | Leadership | Ambition | Resilience | Teamwork | Success
Respect | Passion | Commitment | Excellence | Leadership | Ambition | Resilience | Teamwork | Success

Programme Overview

At XCL World Academy, we provide a sporting learning environment that encourages students to push themselves to new heights. We create opportunities to participate at all levels, allowing students to develop their skills and knowledge and aim for even higher performance targets.

Our students have a minimum of two PE lessons per week as well as a great variety of extra-curricular sports activities to take part in, either competitively or just for enjoyment. A wide range of clubs are also available for students for all skills levels.

Sports Teams

Students have the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sports teams throughout the academic year in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) league. Students are able to take part or compete in a wide variety of competitive sports in multiple age and gender categories – including football, basketball, cross-country running, rugby, track & field, netball and swimming.


Ruby 7s | Football | Basketball | Netball | Badminton | Touch Rugby | Swimming | Cross Country | Track & Field

High-Performance Sports Programmes

Our unique high-performance programme is designed to support young athletes wishing to achieve excellence across selected sports. It offers coaching support, training opportunities and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals.

Performance Athlete Academy

The Performance Athlete Programme is designed to support student-athletes who have demonstrated potential and aspirations for becoming high-performance elite athletes in the future. Spaces in the programme are limited, and student-athletes are required to go through the application process to join the programme.

The Programme adopts a holistic approach to training centred on the concept of long-term athletic development and the welfare of the student-athlete. The Programme offers coaching support, strength and conditioning training, technical development, and athlete education in topics such as nutrition, hydration, sport psychology and recovery, to assist student-athletes in achieving their goals.

Rugby 7s Academy

The Rugby 7s Academy presented by a legendary former All Black 7s and current Manu Samoa coach Sir Gordon Tietjens is a high-performance rugby environment with a strong emphasis on growth, performance and excellence.

The programme provides talented players aged 12 to 18 with training and learning opportunities that will push them to higher levels of conditioning, skill execution and game understanding.

Swimming Academy

The Swimming Academy is committed to providing our elite swimmers with opportunities to develop their physical, technical and mental skills.

Elite swimmers are involved in weekly swim sessions (4-7 sessions) as a member of the XCL World Academy Jaguars Swim Team and with the XLab Swim Programme. Weekly strength and conditioning sessions (provided by Athletic Inc) and various clinics throughout the season are also offered to athletes in the Swimming Academy.

Triathlon Academy

The Triathlon Academy presented by a Double World Triathlon Champion Emma Carney provides talented young triathletes aged 8 – 18 with training and learning opportunities that will push them to higher levels of conditioning, skills and race management.

Our programme provides expert coaching of fundamental skills, technical development for transitions, and mental preparation to help our students become high-performing athletes across all three disciplines.

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