Rewarding Students Excelling in Various Disciplines

XCL World Academy (XWA) strives to identify the most talented students worldwide and proudly offers a range of merit-based scholarships to new students applying to Grades 6 through Grade 11.

New students who have high aspirations and can demonstrate intellectual curiosity and excellence in various subjects are encouraged to apply for an XWA Scholarship.

Our scholarship opportunities span various categories, including Academics, Specialisation (Arts, Sports, Academic Achievements), and Community Service. 


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    The candidates will benefit from a concession off their annual tuition fees. All scholarships are awarded based on a competitive selection process for a single academic year with an opportunity for renewal. Scholarship recipients will be required to show commitment to contribute to the school and to meet certain renewal criteria, subject to the School Management’s approval, for continued eligibility.​​

    Scholarships for Incoming Students

    Full or partial merit-based scholarships may be awarded each year for students in Grades 6-11 who demonstrate the outstanding attitude and academic credentials and/or possess unique characteristics and talents that are central to the values of the school.

    Applicants must be new joiners to the school and not currently enrolled students.

    We provide equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, religion, or sex.

    Types of Scholarships

    Academic Scholarship

    Students who have demonstrated sustained excellent overall academic results in all subject areas in the past two years, with more emphasis placed on the most recent school performance.

    Students should demonstrate the potential to achieve an overall score of at least 6 (as the final IB Diploma grade) or equivalent, on average, in all subjects.

    Specialisation Scholarship

    Students should demonstrate the potential to achieve an overall score of at least 5 (as the final IB Diploma grade) or equivalent, on average, across all subjects, in the past two years; AND Students who have demonstrated repeated achievement or excellence in an extracurricular competition or formal, external activity endorsed by a recognised body, in one or more disciplines, in any field (Arts, Sports or Academic Achievements).

    Community Service Scholarship

    Students who have demonstrated significant, sustained contributions and impact to community service, beyond the school’s CAS and service projects, over the past year as a minimum. 

    In addition, a Community Service Scholarship applicant should have the potential to achieve a minimum average of 5 (as the final IB Diploma grade) or equivalent across all subjects.

    We Welcome You to Apply for the XCL World Academy Scholarship

    Click here to review the full Scholarship Policy and read more about the Application Process.

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