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Rewarding students excelling in various disciplines

XCL World Academy strives to identify the most talented students worldwide. Students with exceptional potential are encouraged to apply for Scholarships in their area of excellence. We award a number of Academic, Art, Sports and Community Service Scholarships each academic year.

The candidates will benefit from a concession ranging from 25 to 100 percent off their annual school fees. The scholarships will be awarded for a single academic year with an opportunity of renewal. Scholarship recipients will be required to meet certain renewal criteria for continued eligibility.

Scholarships for incoming and currently enrolled students

All applications go through a rigorous selection process. In order to apply for a scholarship, students must submit an application for a specific type of scholarship together with a personal statement that describes their accomplishments and goals and accompanied by other evidence of excelling in the chosen scholarship area.

The scholarship committee reviews the strength of each application against a set of criteria and shortlisted applicants are invited for a personal interview with the scholarship committee.

Types of scholarships

Overall academic excellence

A student with sustained excellent overall academic results in all subject areas (Secondary Years students only)

Exceeding in an academic discipline

A student who has demonstrated excelling in an academic discipline by, for example, achieving an outstanding result in an academic competition, such as Math Olympiad

Accomplishments in the Arts

A student who has actively participated in the Arts beyond the school curriculum and life

High performing athletes

A student who is an accomplished performing athlete beyond the school sports programme

Community service

A student who has demonstrated making a significant impact on community service beyond school’s CAS and service projects

We welcome you to apply for the XCL World Academy Scholarship

Click below to find out scholarship terms & conditions, the application process and selection criteria.

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