English as an
Additional Language (EAL)

Open to a culturally diverse community of learners

The student body at XCL World Academy (XWA) is multicultural, representing approximately 50 nationalities. Many of our students come from linguistically rich backgrounds, requiring personalised support to excel within our English-based curriculum.

To meet this need, we have developed the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme at XWA. This programme is designed to assist students with limited English language skills to improve their written and spoken English abilities and maximise their educational experience.

At the core of our programme lies the internationally acclaimed WIDA Framework for English Language Development Standards, a renowned research-based framework.

Personalised support

Our curriculum is centred around the students, responsive to their needs, and adaptable to their varying language development levels. Students enrolled in the Mainstream EAL Programme will have dedicated lessons focused on English language acquisition instead of their other language acquisition classes, such as French, Chinese (Mandarin), or Spanish. 

Our Primary and Secondary Years Mainstream EAL Programmes offer targeted instruction in grammar, vocabulary, and overall academic language development across all essential skills, including listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Students benefit from focused and personalised English language instruction in a small group setting during the EAL classes (outside their regular classrooms). We strive to create a supportive and safe learning environment where EAL teachers encourage active participation in speaking exercises, provide clarifications, and offer guidance tailored to each student’s needs.

Advantages of the XWA EAL Programme for Multilingual Learners

Timetabled EAL lessons

Data-driven progress tracking

Full integration into curriculum and school life

Personalised support

Small group setting

Encouraging and experienced EAL teachers

In-class support

In addition, EAL students are provided with in-class support. The EAL teachers work closely with the homeroom teacher and teaching partners to ensure comprehensive support for every student. This inclusive approach guarantees students fully integrate into the core curriculum and maintain strong connections with peers. It supports language development, nurtures social communication skills, and promotes inclusivity in all aspects of school life.

By participating in the XWA EAL Mainstream Programme, students are expected to gradually progress in the WIDA levels and achieve higher levels of English language proficiency, enabling them to actively participate and succeed in the mainstream academic setting.

WIDA Levels







It is important to acknowledge that even with the support of the EAL Programme and immersion in an English-speaking environment, achieving the necessary level of proficiency for success in mainstream education may take several years. Therefore, each student’s progress is individually monitored and assessed to determine the appropriate instruction for their needs.

Primary Years EAL Programme (Grades 1-5)

Students in the Primary Years with an English proficiency level of  “Entering” or below will receive extra assistance through the Primary Years EAL Programme. This programme aims to offer fundamental language instruction, fostering a nurturing environment for absolute beginners to venture into unfamiliar territory and develop social and emotional confidence while acquiring essential language skills.

Grade 5 Programme with Intensive EAL

Grade 5 students admitted to XWA and with an English proficiency level of “Entering” or “Emerging” will be enrolled in a Grade 5 Programme with Intensive EAL. This programme aims to balance the acceleration of English language acquisition with partial integration into mainstream classes to better prepare students for the academic and linguistic demands of the Secondary Years programme while also fostering friendships with mainstream students and supporting their social and emotional development.

The Grade 5 Programme with Intensive EAL is designed to deliver intensive instruction in English reading, writing, speaking, and listening. With a personalised approach, mathematics learning is facilitated through the use of online tools such as IXL. As students advance and develop their English language skills, the curriculum progressively incorporates Science and Social Studies, enriching their overall learning experience.

During morning meetings and specialist periods such as art, physical education, music, and swimming, the Grade 5 Programme with Intensive EAL students will have opportunities to interact and engage with their classmates. They will actively participate in various school celebrations and events, including the weekly assemblies involving the entire school community.

For students who are still enrolled in this programme at the end of Grade 5, it is highly recommended that they enrol in an Intensive Summer Course designed to enhance their English language skills further.

Secondary Years EAL programme

Applicants seeking admission to Grades 6-9, who do not meet the English Proficiency level required for the mainstream EAL Support Programme at XWA, will be provided with the opportunity to enrol in our Foundational English Programme (FEP). Speak with our Admissions Team to find out more about this programme.

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