Campus Life

Sports Day Celebrations

Our Sports Days took place under unique circumstances this year, but the fun remained the same.

“Our Early Years Superstars took on several challengers that displayed their endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. All teams put on a valiant effort and showed that physical activity is a vital component in our everyday lives. The most memorable moment was seeing our students display empathy throughout the various games, both in victory and defeat. We strive to utilise sport to develop necessary soft skills and instil personal growth through play.” Shannon Diedricks, Early Years PE Teacher

“Congratulations to our Primary Years students who took part in our recent sports days! This year was a little different to previous years, but the enthusiasm, energy and participation levels of all involved were very pleasing. The determination displayed by our students in the Tug of War and Sprint events and the collaborative efforts in their team competitions highlighted that our students are not only risk-takers but also the excellent communication and teamwork skills they have. It was great to see the enjoyment that our students had when being involved in different activities with their peers. It reinforces how important sport and being physically active benefits not only our physical wellbeing but also our social and emotional wellbeing. Hopefully, our sports days can encourage and inspire more of our students to be active and involved in sports!” Joseph Coady, Primary Years PE Teacher

“Secondary Years Sports Day was a great success. The weather gods put on a gloriously overcast day with a splashing of rain and sun. Big cheers, big sporting moments, great sportsmanship, and some very close final results! What a day it was and thank you to all the teachers and students for the wonderful day. You only get out of Sports Day, what you put in it!” Katy Martin, Head of Physical Education Department and Secondary Years PE Teacher

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