Alicia Ann Soosai

I joined XCL World Academy in 2015 as a 7th grader.

The school’s holistic approach to learning and emphasis on sports, academics and the arts has allowed me to pursue each individual area that I aspire to excel in. Being an elite swimmer who has been representing my country for competitions, a pianist, and a student who strives for high-achieving academic results, I truly grow and fit in with the school.

“With my demanding weekly 25-hour swim schedule, my teachers have always been understanding and support me in managing between studies and my commitment to swimming.”

During the times where I need to travel overseas for competitions, they accommodate schoolwork deadlines accordingly, keep me updated on class activity, and willingly provide me with extra learning support when I return to school.

In addition, I certainly feel comfortable in the friendly and united school community of XCL World Academy. The small population of the school has enabled me to establish positive relationships with many of my fellow schoolmates and teachers. It is a culturally diverse school, and I always enjoy attending school among my schoolmates who come from all around the globe.

I believe that XCL World Academy’s approach to empowering students to develop their individual potential will continue to benefit me in fulfilling my student-athlete ambitions.

Alicia Ann Soosai, Malaysian
Scholarship student and athlete
Class of 2020
Date: February, 2019

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