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Sports Update 2020 – Year In Review

Reviewing the school year in sports seems to be a difficult process at this time as I try to cast my memory back to the last time circumstances in the sporting arena were normal for us. The days of the field, gym and pool being alive with our students’ training and competing seem so long ago. I can only hope that after the summer break, we can get a sense of normality back into our sports programme. Here’s hoping!

I would like to sincerely thank all students who participated in the XCL World Academy Jaguars teams this year, invested their time and positive efforts and contributed to the successes we had.

We have developed a strong sporting culture here at XCL World Academy built on respect and commitment, and these fundamental values are essential to our ongoing improvement and success. Of course, none of this would be possible without the support and dedication of our teaching staff and PE Department who coach and manage our teams, and the excellent support we receive from XLab Pro Swimming, Coerver Football and Proform Basketball coaches.

To the parents who encourage their children to be involved in sports and who understand the importance of this experience, thank you. The benefits of sport and physical activity are endless. Sport is essential to the holistic development of children, nurturing physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. It’s crucial they have the support from their most significant role models to stay involved, tough it out and keep going whether the results or performance are good, bad or otherwise.

Finally, keep up with as much physical activity as possible over the summer break to ensure you stay fit and healthy and to give a much-needed boost the immune system.

By Danny Tauroa Director of Sport and Physical Education
June 2020

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