What are the Benefits of University and Careers Counselling for Teenagers?

Helping your child prepare for university can be a time-consuming process. There are many things to consider, from the university they’ll be attending to the degree they will take. Students headed abroad may also face other logistical issues — from visas and accommodation to testing requirements and more. And that doesn’t include the admissions process itself, which can be nerve-wracking for both students and parents.

As your teen enters high school, you may be asking yourself:

  • What does my child want to study in college?
  • Are they academically prepared for that course?
  • Should I send them to university here or abroad?
  • Which university will fit their learning style best?
  • What documents does my child need to prepare for their application?
  • Does my child need to take the  SAT or any other test?
  • What is the best way to support my child while they are trying to choose their future career and applying to colleges and universities?

While you may be worried about your teen, take a moment to think about what he or she is feeling. They might be worried, stressed or even overwhelmed. However, the best thing you can do is provide guidance while letting them take the lead. Applying to university should be a learning process that will help them develop independence for life.

Aside from support at home, your teen can also benefit from university and career counselling at school. This will encourage them to think about their future and help them make an informed decision about their career and educational pathways. An expert university counsellor can also support your child by understanding their academic background and personal interests, introducing various courses, colleges and universities based on their strengths and providing feedback on their applications.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of starting university and career counselling earlier and how we support our students here at XCL World Academy (XWA). You can click on the links below to jump to each section:

4 reasons to start university and career counselling early

At XWA, we offer a bespoke University and Career Guidance Programme as early as Grade 8 to help our students prepare for the bright future ahead of them. Why Grade 8, you ask? Isn’t it too early?

Our dedicated University and Career Guidance Programme is designed to support your child in making informed decisions about the educational and career pathways that fit their specific academic, personal and career aspirations. We’ll let the benefits speak for themselves:

1. Students are encouraged to think about their future today.

The best way to discover your passion is to learn and gain experience. We conduct career discovery sessions to provide our students with unique opportunities to connect with professionals from various industries. This encourages teens to think about their skillset and the career pathways that fit their values, strengths and interests. It also helps them narrow down which high school subjects to take.

2. There’s more time to prepare for university applications.

When it comes to preparing for college, there’s no such thing as starting too early. Even if your child hasn’t chosen a major, knowing the general requirements (such as pre-university testing, minimum GPA, personal statements and more) will make the process smoother when it’s time for them to apply.

3. Career and university counselling helps develop employability and career management skills.

Employers can be one of the best sources of advice and guidance for students thinking about their future careers. By engaging with various businesses and industry experts, schools can provide their students with unique ‘real-world’ work experiences, bring more relevance to their learning and open their eyes to different career pathways.

4. It gives students a boost of confidence.

Between schoolwork, friendships and other responsibilities, the last few years of school can be stressful for any teen. Having a support system for career and college prep can give them the confidence to tackle the challenges ahead. With fewer things to worry about, students can focus on improving their skills, exploring their interests and making memories with friends before they head off to college.

University and Career Guidance Programme at XCL World Academy

Our University & Career Guidance Programme is designed to support students in making informed decisions about the educational and career pathways that fit their specific academic, personal and career aspirations.

Our highly qualified and experienced team is committed to helping students identify their strengths, providing personalised guidance on post-school options and offering specialised expertise on admissions to colleges and universities worldwide — including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and other destinations.

Students take the lead in the university application process by doing their personal research, initiating contact with selected universities and completing their applications.

Each student is assigned a University Guidance Counsellor who will oversee and advise on the process, including how to use various application systems such as Cialfo, Common App, UCAS, OUAC, StudieLink and more. Workshops on researching universities, writing personal essays and statements and completing applications are also offered throughout Grades 11 and 12.

We recognise that each student and family has different needs, understandings and choices that play a huge role in their plans post-graduation. Our counsellors will take these into consideration as they help your child design their personalised university plan. By the time decisions have to be made, your child will have all the information they need to make fully informed choices.

Aside from university applications support, our comprehensive University & Career Guidance Programme also includes:

Career Discovery Sessions / XCL Dialogues

Our career discovery sessions are aimed at Middle and Senior Years students who are about to choose their high school pathway, tertiary education options and courses. We invite leaders and professionals from various industries to share their stories and lessons so our students can learn and experience what’s out there before making their subject choices.

In 2021, we also launched the XCL Dialogues — a series of wide-ranging conversations with acclaimed and respected individuals who have made a mark in their chosen domains. Since then, our students have had the opportunity to hear, learn from and be inspired by some of the world’s very best minds and achievers. We’ve hosted XCL Dialogues on journalism, entrepreneurship, esports and women in leadership, with more sessions to be announced throughout the school year.

Career and University Mentor Network

Students thrive when they have mentors or people older than them (in addition to their parents) to offer advice and learn from. Our alumni/parent/professional mentor network keeps students engaged and helps relieve anxiety knowing others have been there before.

Pre-university Testing

We offer all pre-university testing necessary for admission to the USA (PSAT 8/9/10, NMSQT, SAT test centre) and advise on additional testing necessary. We also advise on recommended test support providers for students exploring other countries with specific subject testing.

“College Convos Over Coffee” for Parents

We organise group Q&A sessions for parents in an informal setting so that they can get all their questions answered about university and high school pathways. We aim to proactively provide the information parents need to make future decisions for their children.

Annual University Fair and University Visits

We host an annual University Fair and arrange University visits throughout the year. These events provide a unique opportunity for our students and their parents to speak directly with representatives, admission officers, academics and professors from universities and colleges all over the world.

Is your teen ready for life after school? With our bespoke University & Career Guidance Programme, they’ll have all the knowledge required to make informed decisions about their future. Contact us today for more information.

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