Tam Family Testimonial

I have two kids. Gaby is three years old, and Zach is 19 months old. Gaby started in Nursery in August 2021 when I joined the school [Leslie is the Director of University & Careers Guidance Programme for students from Grade 8 and above]. I have been very pleased with our experience here at the school as parents. The class sizes are very small, and we’ve had wonderful communication with teachers. I genuinely feel that it is a school-family partnership.

Our Nursery teacher, Ms Razya, has really gotten to know our daughter well and is always proactively updating us on how she’s doing in school and how we can better support her at home. It’s been fantastic!

We also love the inquiry-driven curriculum and how it develops our daughter’s curiosity about the world around her! She asks so many questions (naturally!), and it’s wonderful that this is part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) that she will be studying throughout her Early and Primary Years learning journey. We like that the Nursery programme teaches a variety of skills – art, music, movement, water-play, reading – she has so much fun every day!

My daughter adores her teacher and friends and loves the school’s environment. Going to school is truly fun! The Nursery and Early Years classrooms are definitely fit-for-purpose for their age group, and she loves all the toys, art supplies, library, outdoor playground – all of it!

Like all kids, our daughter has her difficult moments, and her teacher has been very supportive and helpful in giving us strategies to use at home that are consistent with what she’s doing/learning at school. The variety of skills/programmes offered at school exposes her to many different interests. From Chinese to music to character play/drama to reading. Overall, learning for her is very fun.

The parent-family relationship has been great. We find the communication very good, not just from the teachers but also from the Principal’s office. The culture is also positive – we know the other kids in the other class as well as their parents!

We love the experience we’ve had so far as a family and would definitely recommend the school to other parents!

Leslie Tam
Mother of Gaby and Zach (American)
June 2022

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