What Defines a Great School?

A leading authority on educational reform, Michael Fullen, says that all the research clearly shows that to be a highly effective school you must have highly effective teachers. The number one factor which impacts student learning at any school is the professional capital of educators.

At XCL World Academy we are in a very fortunate position to have outstanding educators working across all grade levels. These passionate people not only support students in developing their knowledge of the curriculum but they also support each child in developing their humanity. Our core values as a school are pillars on which our teachers build student capacity and enable them to embrace agency as a global citizen. Our teachers are consistently mindful of ensuring that XCL World Academy students live our core values.

Every day our teachers are forming and moulding the character of our students. In their daily interactions with students, teachers have a significant role to play in developing empathy and respect for others. Are our students empathetic? Do they exhibit compassion? I am pleased to say that I see this on a regular basis at our school. One recent example took place in our school canteen.

I was sitting by myself having lunch during the SY lunchtime. Four Grade 7 boys had finished their lunch and, with soccer balls under their arms, were headed to the sports field to enjoy their game. The boys approached me and asked if I would like them to sit with me. I asked them why they wanted to do that and the response was that they “did not want me to be eating alone and thought I would like some company”. I was so pleasantly surprised that children of this age would be forthright and considerate enough to show this compassion. Being caring and compassionate is not something you see every day in children of that age, yet I regularly see examples of this in our school. This culture is fostered and cultivated by our teachers.

Over the first few weeks of this school year, I have received multiple emails from parents praising the teachers of their respective children. It has been extremely pleasing to receive this type of feedback and acknowledgement of the wonderful work that our teaching faculty continually delivers. I wholeheartedly agree with this feedback and am very proud of the impact that our teachers make on the lives of XCL World Academy students every day.

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