2020 Outstanding IB Results

Once again, congratulations to the XCL World Academy Singapore Class of 2020! Our students have demonstrated remarkable resilience and fortitude by completing an outstanding academic journey and exceeding international benchmarks.

The world’s pass rate in 2020, was 78.75 per cent, the pass rate achieved by XCL World Academy Singapore IB students this year hit 100 percent. This year, the average score was an outstanding 34 points out of 45, well above the world average.

Furthermore, 5 of our 36 graduates achieved a score of 40 points and above, placing them in the top 9% of students in the world who achieved such remarkable results.

Our highest achieving students and the universities to which they have applied or have been accepted are as follows:

Keisha Anargya Devina (44 Points) – University Of Amsterdam (Psychology)
Anh Quynh Le (Cindy) (43 Points) – King’s College London, University Of London (Law)
Sabrina Sui Heng Ayles (43 Points) – University Of Sheffield (Architecture)
George Ponodath (40 Points) – University College London (Medicine)
Tze Qi Chng (Hilary) (40 Points) – University College London (Chemistry)

XCL World Academy Singapore Secondary Years Education Leadership Team and faculty continue to serve with excellence all students and help them to achieve success during their academic journey. We look forward to celebrating our upcoming cohorts and their academic success.

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