Aurora Corbellini

XCL World Academy has provided me with countless opportunities to enhance my learning.

I am thankful for the great support from the XCL World Academy Languages Educators which has helped me to push my limits in learning Chinese Language and improve my grades significantly.

I am a proud member of Model United Nations and Debate Club. The participation in these after school activities helps me to develop speaking, debating, social, research and persuasion skills, and also prepares me for the international relations pathway after high school.

My favourite subject is Individuals and Society. This subject incorporates political aspect into geographical and historical events and encourages to respect and understand the world around us. The most interesting part of the lessons is to answer challenging higher-level “exam like” questions which prepare us for the future scholastic careers.

All students at XCL World Academy are provided with a great opportunity to plan a performance and perform in front of an audience (Language Week Assembly, CNY Assembly etc). I really appreciate this opportunity as it allows us not only to interact with other students from various grade levels, but also become more confident in front of the audience and build presenting/performance skills. These skills are extremely valuable and you can only perfect them by practicing. And XCL World Academy provides an excellent opportunity to do so!

The school’s spirit is constantly growing. With the new addition of school houses the feeling of belonging and engagement between the students has grown tremendously. These houses keep every student engaged in friendly competition throughout the year providing opportunities to develop leadership, communication and social skills.

One thing which I really like about the school’s environment is the level of acceptance that you will find here. The students and teachers are from all around the world, creating a feeling of belonging no matter where you are from or the experiences you have had in the past. You are never alone here!

Aurora Corbellini
Italian, Grade 10 student
Date: February, 2019

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