Avaana Harvey

I have attended XCL World Academy in Singapore, since it’s opening in August 2014. Choosing XCL World Academy has been one of the best decisions because of the amazing opportunities and the incredible support I have had through the years.

“What I value the most at school are the teachers, who are always available to guide and challenge me both academically and in the field of Performance Arts. At XCL World Academy I have been deeply influenced by the people I’ve met and enjoyed learning about new cultures. XCL World Academy has taught me to push boundaries, take risks, innovate and create. Most importantly, I have learnt the importance of collaboration and teamwork.”

While every subject is taught in an engaging and holistic manner, the one subject that stands out for me, is Drama. The way it is taught and the range of performance techniques we explore in each lesson, makes it extremely impactful and inspiring.

I will graduate from the school in 2021 and hope to study Theatre Arts and Applied Drama in university.

Avaana Harvey, Grade 12 Student
Scholarship student, singer, artist, theatre performer
Class of 2021

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