Dhafin Rizaldi

There are many things that I like about XCL World Academy. The facilities are great, my favorites are the auditorium and the music room. As a musician, it’s very necessary for me to practice as much as possible. I spend my time arranging music sessions with my schoolmates or by myself before school, at break and during lunch. The music room is filled with a wide range of instruments as well as music charts, which is amazing when having jam sessions with the school band.

These facilities help me achieve my goals and encourage myself to be out of my comfort zone by performing in the Auditorium. “When I joined the school, I found it very difficult to perform in front of a large audience. As I become more comfortable with the school community, many teachers have given me numerous opportunities to further expand my musicianship. Additionally, I’ve joined different extra-curricular activities that made me improve in this area, such as XCL World Academy Voices and the Jazz band.”

I’ve contributed to many events in the school and a few of the major highlights were the Open Mic, my solo piano performance during the Awards Ceremony and my personal artwork exhibition during Arts Week. These achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of the amazing teachers in the Arts department. They have given me the time and effort to help me improve as an Artist and Musician. I look forward to contribute more in future events that the school have arranged.

Dhafin Rizaldi
Scholarship student, musician, artist, theatre performer
Class of 2021
Date: February, 2019

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