Elizabeth Chernyak

I have joined XCL World Academy in August of 2019. Choosing this school was a simply brilliant decision! I have grown as an individual and as a member of the global community. I learn something new every day, supported by exceptional teachers and mentors.

The XCL World Academy community is one of the most incredible things about the school. I have met people who have made a lasting impact on me as a person, and I have been exposed to an immense number of different cultures. One of the main highlights of my school – we do not have a dominant culture. This balance creates nurtures the development of international-mindedness, and ensures that everyone is equally respected and appreciated.

Academics is a top priority at XCL World Academy, and though I have enjoyed every class, biology is definitely the subject that fascinates me the most. I can spend hours learning about life, our cells, DNA, diseases. Our fantastic biology teacher always ensures that we not only learn what is written in the textbooks but understand the content, ask questions, and explore how we can apply it to real life.

To complement my fascination with science, I have really enjoyed being a part of the school productions. Biology and theatre both encompass life and stepping on a stage, embodying a role, allows me to tell stories of people who cannot, stories of the life I learn about.

I hope to study both biology and theatre in university, and continue with genetic research in undergraduate school.

Elizabeth Chernyak, Lithuanian, Ukrainian & Canadian
Class of 2021, Scholarship student, theatre performer, the founder of the school magazine “Vantage Point”
Date: November, 2020

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