George Ponodath

I joined XCL World Academy Singapore in August 2015. After five years together, I now take the next step in my education, studying Medicine at University College London (UCL). Looking back at the past five years, I’m proud of how XCL World Academy has moulded me into a creative thinker and a global citizen.

The IB Diploma Program is very demanding. Students are expected and encouraged to explore a wide range of global ideas, think critically and creatively, expand both intellectual and emotional intelligence capabilities. XCL World Academy is a great place to nurture personal growth, develop leadership skills and pursue the talents you have always wanted to. Over the past couple of years, I have had a chance to lead the Student Council and chair the MUN Conference, develop public speaking skills, collaborate with the school’s management team and students across all grade levels.

Since as long ago, as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the natural world and science. This interest has led me to my love of biology and chemistry. My biology classes with Mr Grundhoefer were very student-centric. He has great respect for his students and treats them like young adults. He always encouraged us to take ownership of our learning, ask questions, think critically, and give our inputs. He was always very supportive, and his classes prepared me well for university.

One of the most significant aids I got at XCL World Academy was from our University Counsellor, Mr McAuley. He supported me through the process of researching universities and applying to UCL. He guided me on how to write a personal statement for the university application and helped me to explain why I would be a great candidate for one of the most prestigious medical courses in the word.

I have had an excellent opportunity to increase my cultural awareness while studying with a bunch of great people from all over the world. Despite moving to a big city and diving into a new culture, my transition to London and UCL has been a seamless one. The support of my teachers was essential in helping me appreciate the nuances of each subject and contributed to my holistic growth, and allowed me to develop soft skills that would serve me for life.

By George Ponodath, XCL World Academy Alumni, Class of 2020, UCL

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