Marilena Kolokotsa

XCL World Academy is a great school with very supportive teachers, modern facilities and several performing opportunities for students across all grades.

The one thing that particularly stood out for me since I joined XCL World Academy in Grade 6 was the support that teachers and school leadership have given me.

They have taught me to learn from mistakes and push my boundaries to grow as a performer. Their continuous trust and support have helped me to feel far more confident while taking risks in performing.

Our teachers believe in us and constructively challenge us every day. At the beginning it was quite tough, but later on I have realised that they are encouraging us to take ownership of our learning and guiding us to explore and develop our capabilities.

We are performing in different formats, such as solos, team performance or school performance. Thankfully we have great facilities to help make this happen! We have drama, music and practice rooms to do the rehearsals and build a comfort level before performing. We have a wide range of musical instruments allowing us to explore and practice. The school also provides two art rooms, a creative suite and a fully-furnished design centre that enables us to work with clay, wood, metal and plastic.

The school gives us numerous opportunities to showcase our creativity through the arts during the lessons and extracurricular activities, which we can create ourselves to engage with other students and the broader XCL World Academy community.

The school encourages us to actively participate in major productions and performances such as The Wizard of Oz, The Addams Family, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Bring It On.

On top of that, XCL World Academy offers various scholarships to acknowledge our dedication to our fields of interest. These provide us mentoring opportunities which develop us further as role-models in the school environment.

Marilena Kolokotsa, Greek-American
Scholarship student, theatre performer, singer
Grade 10
Date: February, 2019

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