Shaquille Aranas

XCL World Academy is an amazing school that presents many opportunities for its students. As a student athlete and house captain of the red tigers, I have been exposed to many things that have helped shape me into the person I am. I love the school because it accommodates everyone: you will meet new peers, friendly teachers, and enjoy the learning experience.

As an athlete in the XCL World Academy Performance Athletes Program and Rugby 7’s Academy, the school provides top class facilities to train hard and get better. This school also provides great coaching to get athletes ready for their future, whether it is to go professional or to help them learn important values and life skills.

Apart from sports, academics is very important. The classroom environment is great here because of the drive from the teachers as well as other students. The learning experience is very flexible and tailors to each individual student. With the countless number of athletes at the school, it’s hard to fit in academics which is why I love how the school has a flexible learning environment. I also love the classrooms because they give space to help students innovate and collaborate together, especially in the new Design Centre.

“I have gotten many opportunities to learn, experience, and grow through XCL World Academy. I have seen the New Zealand All Blacks practice on our field as well as the Samoa 7’s team. I have met Olympians and world class athletes to help me learn more about myself and what it takes to be an athlete.”

As a new school with a developing rugby team, we were able to place 4th as a guest team in the SEASAC rugby tournament against older, experienced players. I have also participated in World Scholars Cup where my team and I competed against hundreds of schools across the whole world. We placed 150 overall, met new people and did many exciting things.

XCL World Academy has helped me become more open minded about different nationalities and cultures. The school allows this through many events such as culture week, assemblies, and most importantly the students. There are students from all over the world, including myself. I love the diversity in the school and how it allows its students to connect. I am very happy to be at XCL World Academy and look forward to the many years of experiences and opportunities ahead.

Shaquille Arana
Class of 2021, Former President of the Student Council President (AY 2019-2020), House Leader, Athlete, Theatre Performer.
Date: February, 2019

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