Alicia Livet Testimonial

I’ve been studying at XCL World Academy (XWA) since 2021, and I’m currently in my final year of study. As an IB student, I had the privilege of selecting my subjects. The IB curriculum offers a diverse range of classes and also empowers students with the freedom to explore topics of their choice.

I’m excited to be able to do Visual Arts at the Higher Level. Since I was little, this subject has

been my favourite. I’m grateful for the opportunity to use the Visual Arts facilities independently during the school day. This privilege is given based on the trust in us and our seniority level; it instils satisfaction and motivates me to strive for excellence. I can paint and de-stress in the Visual Arts room by doing what I love.

I aspire to pursue a career as an interior designer. XWA has provided me with the opportunity to pursue this passion. I aim to gain admission to a design school in Italy. This big opportunity wouldn’t have presented itself if I hadn’t been an XWA student undertaking the IBDP Diploma.

I greatly appreciate the teachers at XWA for their exceptional commitment to understanding students on a profound level. They motivate us to excel and reach our goals through continuous guidance and assistance.

In addition, the school offers a diverse range of curricular activities, from esports to cultural clubs. These activities nurture a sense of belonging among students by connecting students from various nationalities, grade levels, and backgrounds.

Alicia Livet, Grade 12 student (January 2024)

This interview is written by the Expat Living Kids Guide. 

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