A Place Where Great Learning Happens

Whenever I take visitors around our school I always make sure that we spend time in the Early Years classrooms. These classes are so vibrant and full of happy, joyful children. The Nursery classes are one of my favourite places because, no matter when I visit, I am greeted by bright-eyed, smiling faces who are genuinely enjoying their time at school.

Being happy at school is incredibly important and our dedicated Early Years teachers work tirelessly (although I know it is tiring for them) to create a safe and welcoming environment. What is even more impressive to me though is the fact that the play-based education implemented at XCL World Academy is carefully and deliberately designed by our teachers to ensure that the academic, social and emotional well-being of each individual child is catered for. The teaching teams plan together, collaborate and share best practice in a way that ensures children are constructing the meaning of the world around them while utilising their natural curiosity.

The early years of a child’s life are vitally important for setting the foundation of skills and attitudes for their future. Recently, when I was discussing this with the Early Years Grade Leader and she noted that the children who have spent time in the Nursery programme have enjoyed the benefits of our specialised programme such that there is a notable difference once they start in Pre-K. The same can be said for those children who have had the opportunity of experiencing our kindergarten years before moving on to Grade 1. This is not coincidental as the planning, preparation and implementation of the Early Years programme is based on sound educational research and implemented by our talented educators. At XCL World Academy we are ensuring that each individual child’s uniqueness is being catered for in a way that encourages them to be confident, balanced and respectful of others.

The minds of young children are filled with wonder and imagination and, thanks to the dynamic teachers at XCL World Academy, their daily experiences at our school encourage them to continually explore and inquire. What a terrific start to their life!

By Richard Henry

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