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Early AI Learning in Schools Paves the Path to Unseen Opportunities for Tomorrow’s Innovators

As parents, we all worry about ensuring our children are not just academically equipped but also prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s dynamic world, heavily influenced by technology.

Imagine your 12-year-old confidently mastering technical skills, understanding the fundamentals of generative AI, and designing applications to solve real-world problems. It sounds almost unbelievable, doesn’t it?

At XCL World Academy, The School of the Future, we aim to prepare children to confidently face the uncertainties of tomorrow. Alongside rigorous academic preparation, social-emotional learning, and EQ development, we are committed to instilling in them a deep understanding of AI and technology from a young age, empowering our students with the skills necessary for jobs that have yet to emerge.


Key Features


One-of-a-kind international curriculum focused on AI learning and equipping students for future challenges and careers.


A 15-week course integrated into the Grade 6 IB MYP Curriculum.


Stellar Programme Lead, Dr. Taniya Mishra, Founder & CEO of SureStart.


Instruction delivered led by a Harvard teaching fellow and XWA faculty trained by SureStart.


Technical mentorship provided by trained students studying Computer Science or related fields at premier US universities such as Harvard, MIT, NYU, etc.


Tech modules on AI foundations, exploration of generative AI, and app development.


Power skills modules on leadership, collaboration, communication, AI-related ethics, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


AI career pathway seminars with industry experts.


Development of Innovation Capstone Projects to reinforce learning and practical application.


Capstone project pitch at the Create-a-thon finale in front of esteemed judges.

Example Capstone Projects

Click the links below to view SureStart students showcasing AI-driven social impact innovations.
Witness their work and imagine the possibilities for what your child could achieve.

Meet Programme
Instructors & Mentors 

Dr Taniya Mishra

SureStart Founder & CEO,
AI at XWA Programme Lead

Leonardo Neves

Principal Research Engineer at Snap, Inc.,
Teaching Fellow at Harvard University,
AI at XWA Programme Lead Instructor

About SureStart

SureStart, headquartered in the US, is a leading educational organisation dedicated to empowering tomorrow’s AI trailblazers through unique AI Skills & Innovation training programmes.

SureStart programmes are designed for students of varied skills from middle school to college and follow a computational-action-based learning model with three key components (technical training, sustained mentoring, and network development). 

SureStart prides itself on its expansive student network, which spans 20,000 individuals worldwide. Among them are 500+ individuals who have completed various AI-focussed programmes implemented by SureStart in collaboration with renowned institutions like MIT RAISE, Break Through AI at Cornell Tech, Mount Sinai Health System, Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State, Davis Institute for AI at Colby College, New York City College of Technology, as well as various leading AI-focused companies.

Former high school participants of SureStart now excel at leading tech universities such as MIT, Cornell, Dartmouth, and UC Berkeley, prominently acknowledging SureStart in their Statements of Purpose. College-aged trainees have secured coveted tech internships at Amazon, Snap, and Google. Noteworthy is a student whose project, initiated during a  SureStart programme, earned the esteemed 2023 Congressional Medal for Youth, showcasing the programme’s strength. 

SureStart is thrilled to collaborate with XCL World Academy in Singapore to create the first-ever AI-focused curriculum for international school students in Grade 6 within the region. 


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