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A Future-Oriented International School in Singapore

Welcome to XCL World Academy (XWA), the School of the Future. Through our world-class curriculum and progressive approach, we empower a community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact others.

At XWA, we encourage our students to Aspire, Act and Grow (our School’s Vision) — helping them realise their full potential and flourish into well-rounded world citizens.

As parents and educators, we have a responsibility to prepare our children for an uncertain tomorrow. More than just teaching facts and figures, we mentor our students to find their own voice, to lead, learn and innovate — preparing them for the ever-changing future ahead.

What Makes Us a World-Class International School?

When it comes to delivering a world-class education, we excel in several key aspects:

Why XCL World Academy

Future-Oriented Approach

We shape our students to become tomorrow’s leaders, changemakers and innovators.

Personalised Learning

We design personalised learning plans to help each student realise their unique potential.

World-Class Curriculum

We offer a continuum of IB programmes to develop students into happy, life-long learners.


We have a close-knit community representing approximately 50 different nationalities.

Setting a culture of great expectations

We offer a rigorous and balanced education for students aged 2 to 18, beginning with our Nursery programme and continuing through the full International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum of studies. We encourage students to play an active role in their learning, whether it’s inside or outside the classroom.

With the guidance of our highly experienced teachers, your child embarks on a self-directed journey to become a skilled and empathetic young individual.

Outstanding IBDP Results

Our IB Diploma scores and results place XWA students comfortably above the international benchmark. We meet each student where they are and help them achieve their full potential. The XWA Class of 2023 has achieved an outstanding graduation milestone, boasting an impressive IB Diploma pass rate of 97%. Our students have showcased exceptional dedication and excellence, as evidenced by the remarkable achievement of attaining the highest score of 42 out of 45.

Exceptional Educators

Representing over 20 different nationalities, our educators bring the best teaching experience and expertise from around the world. Each teacher makes it their mission to bring out the best in students and empower them to reach their goals.

Holistic Development

We equip your child with essential academic and social-emotional skills which prepare them for the demands and challenges of the future. Our curriculum stretches beyond traditional academic subjects to foster our students’ physical and character development.

Personalised learning at every stage

At XCL World Academy, we take pride in our diverse, close-knit community. We have set a maximum intake of ~1,600 students to ensure that every child receives personalised care and attention. This allows us to maintain a safe and nurturing environment while providing our students with invaluable educational experiences.

Data-driven Approach

We use data to create engaging learning experiences by understanding a student’s existing knowledge, providing practice opportunities, and utilising assessments to track progress and design personalised learning plans for every child.

Tight-knit Community

Our educators know every child and family. Families, teachers and students are the foundation of our passionate and engaged community.

Pastoral Care Programmes

We offer pastoral care programmes to promote students’ academic, social and emotional development. Personal counselling and learning support are available across all levels.

Learn more about our curriculum

Ages 2-3

Our Nursery programme is designed to spark your child’s imagination, creativity and curiosity through hands-on, play-based activities.

Ages 3-6
IB PYP for early years

The Early Years Programme aims to create a strong and solid foundation for future learning. Each day is full of opportunities for your child to grow and develop valuable life-long skills.

Ages 6-11
IB PYP for primary years

The Primary Years Programme creates a stimulating environment to nurture your child’s natural curiosity. Our balanced curriculum and inquiry-led framework help children develop a life-long love of learning.

Ages 11-16

Our Secondary Years Programme in Grades 6-10 is designed to develop creative, critical and reflective young thinkers. Your child benefits from a rigorous curriculum that will develop their global perspective and teach them how to learn.

Ages 16-18
IB DP and High School Diploma

Our Secondary Years Programme in Grades 11-12 provides students with a choice of graduation pathways and helps prepare them for success beyond school. Regardless of their chosen pathway, we make sure that every child will gain the skills and knowledge they need to realise their aspirations.

At XWA, we are shaping the next now!

Global Perspective

As a truly international school, we have students from approximately 50 countries (and teachers from over 20)! Expect your child to make friends with children from all over the globe.

Bespoke university & career guidance

XCL World Academy offers college and career counselling starting at Grade 8. Our bespoke University & Career Guidance Programme prepares students to think about their future in an increasingly connected world. Through our highly experienced University Counsellors, students receive personalised guidance on post-school options and admissions to colleges and universities worldwide, including top universities across various disciplines.

Future-oriented approach

At XCL World Academy, we believe that education should prepare students to shape and not merely be a part of tomorrow. Beyond facts and figures, we equip students with the skills and values they need to succeed in the future. These include:

  • Global Leadership & Innovation
  • Technology and Digital Media
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability & Stewardship

More reasons to choose XCL World Academy

World-Class Facilities

Our modern facilities include a 750-seat auditorium, tennis and batting cage, all-weather soccer field, two swimming pools, two basketball courts, two libraries, a fabrication/innovation lab, a dedicated Esports ‘arena’ and so much more.

Healthy & Nutritious Meals

Led by a two-star Michelin chef, our canteen serves healthy and balanced meals that kids simply love. Allergy-free, nut-free and pork-free meals are also available.

Safety & Child Welfare

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in our care. Our comprehensive safety and care programmes are designed to ensure each child feels safe, welcome and encouraged to excel.

Our Stories

XCL World Academy
XCL World Academy21 hours ago
Last week, we organised a parent engagement workshop to increase awareness about third-culture children and emphasise the role parents and schools can play in nurturing their overall well-being, fostering inclusivity and preparing them for a globally interconnected future. #TCKs #GlobalCitizens #XWAEvents #XWACommunity #InternationalSchoolSG #IBSchoolSG
XCL World Academy
XCL World Academy2 days ago
Today, we hosted the annual Lion City University Fair, welcoming over 150 university representatives. This event offered a valuable opportunity for students and their parents to explore a wide range of colleges and universities worldwide. #xwaevents #xwafair #xwauniversityfair #lioncityfairsg #lioncityfair2023 #educationusasingapore
XCL World Academy
XCL World Academy2 days ago

Last week, our rugby team hosted two matches against Tanglin Trust and Dover Court on our campus. In the first match, the team faced a setback with a loss to Dover Court. However, they displayed resilience and a great start in the second game, ultimately...

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