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Sabrina Ayles

We are very proud of our Alumni and their achievements and are pleased to introduce a series of spotlight interviews showcasing their successes stories.

I graduated from XCL World Academy in 2020 and currently an architecture student at the University of Sheffield – one of the leading schools in the UK.

I am very passionate about architecture and built environment. I embrace design thinking, creativity and innovation to tackle ethical challenges that architects face in the modern world.

If you are dreaming about a career in this field, I have to say, get ready for a good challenge! You have to ensure that your grades are top-notch (especially maths and science) and present your artwork portfolio to gain a potential placement. Balancing academics and creative projects is not easy, but possible! With the right goals, determination and support from the school, you will succeed, just like me!

When I joined XCL World Academy, I was very certain about my career aspirations in the field of architecture. I met up with my University Counsellor to discuss the options and the selection of subjects for the next two years.

I didn’t feel like a major city like London was a good fit for me, so we decided that the University of Sheffield might be the right choice. The school is very well known around the world for its strong social ethos, which attracted me to the field in the first place. Mr McAuley highlighted that I have to do really well in maths and science to get into the selected programme at Sheffield.

To ensure that I am on the right path, I reached out to my maths and physics teachers to discuss my goals and studies. During the two years of high school, they provided me with great knowledge, were incredible in clarifying all concepts, and offered a helping hand when I needed it. I enjoyed physics classes with Mr Roberts. I wasn’t very good at physics, to tell you the truth, but I enjoyed every single class! Mr Roberts made a huge effort to make his lessons fun and engaging.

One of the most significant aids I got at XCL World Academy was from Ms Rimmer, Visual Arts teacher. I have always lacked confidence in personal and academic matters. Ms Rimmer supported me throughout my studies, helped me to develop my artistic potential and boost my confidence. She also helped me prepare my portfolio for university applications and provided a lot of guidance and feedback. I would never have had the confidence and belief in applying and getting into architecture school without her support.

The school and the IIB programme have helped me become the person I am today, and I am proud of all the hard work that I put throughout the entire two years I have spent at XCL World Academy. I had incredible two years at XCL World Academy, and I am grateful for the support I have received! I met some of my closest friends and made some of the most memorable experiences during my time studying there!

Interview with Sabrina Ayles, XCL World Academy Alumni, Class of 2020

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